Top tips for indoor and container storage

We want you to make the most our of your storage space! Whether you’re moving house or need business storage, here are some top tips to ensure you utilise all the space available and pack smart!

  1. Get cleaning! Make sure everything you put into your self storage unit is nice and clean. Dirty items can make your unit unhygienic and over time items can become damaged. We will make sure your unit is immaculately cleaned to create a safe and hygienic environment to store your belongings.
  2. Get those packing supplies ready to go! When you’re ready to move make sure everything is handy and close by. There’s nothing worse than having to break to buy boxes, dust sheets or tape for example. We have packing supplies on site for you! It’s also helpful to keep a few basic tools handy – screwdrivers, hammers etc.
  3. Label every box and create an inventory! It might sound a little excessive but it’s a great way of knowing what you’ve packed and where it is. Try to pack items in groups and it will avoid having to dig through all your boxes if you need something.
  4. Dismantle furniture! Large items can take up a huge amount of storage space. Sometimes, it’s much easier to drop the legs off a large table, than it is to maneuver it around and lose valuable storage space.
  5. Leave a little space to help keep it airy! A moisture-free storage space will ensure your items come out of storage just as the were put in. Try to leave spaces between the wall and your items, and avoid using airtight containers. Keep the air flowing and avoid mould.

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