Advice when you’re moving house

It doesn’t matter how far away your moving date is, we know that it will arrive a lot sooner than you think! To help your move run a little smoother and easier, we’ve put together the following tips using all our experience and expertise as a self-storage provider.

We hope this helps!

1. Plan, plan and plan some more

Work back from your moving date and put a rota together of which rooms you’ll pack and when. Leave all the most functional rooms to last, and bag some easy wins with that spare room or garden shed.

2. Grab some supplies

Get everything you need before you start. You’ll be amazed how much time you’ll waste finding the scissors, bubble wrap or suitable sized box. We sell a whole range of products to make this easier:

  • Boxes
  • Tape
  • Bubblewrap
  • Bundle Packs

Assign a room to do all your packing.

3. Dump the junk

Don’t need it? Get rid of it! Better still – why not stick it on ebay or donate it to charity!

We would always suggest labelling things you want to keep or sell. Remember, you can use a self storage facility to store anything you don’t want cluttering up your new home but can’t throw away! The family tea set for example!

4. Hire a storage unit

A storage unit is a great option if you have any items that you don’t use often. You know, camping equipment, skis, Christmas decorations – that type of thing! Why clutter your new home when you can use our indoor or secure container storage facilities – low cost, flexible and it’s easy to access anything at anytime.

5. Get packing and make a start!

It’s time to get the job done! Some top tips are:

  • Make sure you have a good range of box sizes that are suitable for the items you’re packing – heavy items in small boxes and light items in big boxes!
  • Pack smart! Keep items together by type but make sure you fill all the gaps in every box with smaller items. You can use towels and clothes to fill boxes and they will provide extra padding.
  • Be careful! Keep checking you can easily lift each box as you’re packing it! It’s easy to get carried away and overfill boxes.
  • Secure your boxes with packing tape and make sure everything is well protected with bubble wrap. Packaging materials are much cheaper to buy than having to replace precious items if they get broken! When you’ve packed your box make sure you label it by room and item type.

7. Removal time

Make sure you choose a company that is highly rated online. Check out their reviews or ask fiends and family for recommendations.

We hope these top tip help your move to run smoothly. If you need any help with your storage we’re right here! We also have a box packing shop which is fully stocked if you need anything. Our storage facilities service the Sunderland area and further afield.


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