Self Storage vs Container Storage?

Whatever your reason for storage – renting, buying, or that you just need to clear some space in your office, it’s useful to know what your options are. There are numerous storage solutions available in the North East, including Container Storage and Self Storage. Equally, storage places are often named as a ‘storage site’ or ‘storage facility’ so what does this mean?

What are the differences between Self Storage And Container Storage

Self Storage in Sunderland

Self storage enables you to store your belongings safely and cost-effectively. You can choose a unit that suits your needs, from a small locker for clothes to a large unit capable of storing all the contents of a house. Our self-storage solutions offer flexible lease options which make it an easy choice for long or short-term rentals. Self storage is suitable for personal or business storage.

The size of each unit can range from locker-sized, perfect for storing clothes or electronics that are used on occasion, to warehouse units big enough for everything you own! Most facilities also offer flexible lease options, making it easy to find a long-term solution no matter how much stuff occupies your home or place of business.

Our Sunderland self storage facility is the perfect option for your belongings. It’s secure, clean and staffed. Furthermore, we have a box and packaging shop on-site.

Self storage facilities are the best solution when you are looking for a safe and clean space for you items. You can store everything from precious belongings to essential documents.

Container Storage Sunderland, Birtley & Boldon

Our container storage in Sunderland, Birtley & Boldon are accessible, convenient and affordable. Container storage provide a large storage space for personal and business storage. These units are particularly good to store stock, equipment and tools to clear up some space in your business premises. As with self-storage, our leasing terms are flexible and eliminate the risk of perfect to long-term or fixed-term storage, by giving you a more flexible option.

Strong, robust and safe, container storage units can certainly stand the test of time. Our units are water-tight and resistant to the most server weather conditions. They are the perfect solution for outdoor storage.

One container storage sites offer 24 hour secure access to all customers.

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